Sleepily yours

On a night like this, when I am fighting the clock for a deadline, struggling to stay awake the second night in a row, I find that I am wide awake all of a sudden. No, it's not the 75 cent tea (mostly hot water and skimmed milk, which is as good as hot water) - it was this song.

For way too long, I woke up listening to MS for this song to not trigger memories of wakefulness! If it was not Bhaja Govindam, it was Venkatesa Suprabhatam, if not that, it was Kandarsashtikavacham. Adi Shankara's Bhaja Govindha is very rich in meaning - I remember translating the meaning for a Sanskrit class at some point in life. But as I need to run now, i will defer that for another day.

But then, the concepts of sleep and song gives me one other song, P Suseela's. It does seem true; that the older a girl grows, the more reasons she has to not sleep well :P

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Matangi Mawley said...

just add this to the list!

ராமகிருஷ்ணன் ராஜகோபாலன் said...

Bhaja Govindam and Kurai ondrum illai are evergreen!

I have heard others sing 'Kurai ondrum illai'; even the today's best Carnatic singers; all of them. But they were not able to create the magic in MS's version.

One and only MS!