Day one

Today is one of those days when this quote from Calvin and Hobbes seems to run my life. So Calvin asks Hobbes, "Why is the world such a complicated place?" And Hobbes answers back - "When it seems that way, I just take a nap in the tree and wait for dinner." I have a very Hobbes like attitude to the difficult days, except that I also listen to music on such days. Which brings me to this blog - the method of making sense of the madness of music.

Music works for all occasions. There's a song for every mood and every moment. there is something special about some songs - the people you associate it with, the places you have listened it at. There is so much pleasure in listening to a song and remembering the associations. There is a thrill knowing arcane trivia about songs - like 'Kanne Kalaimane' was the last Raja- Kannadasan* song ever written - wasn't that a fitting conclusion to many fruitful years? There is pleasure in humming tunes and restating the lyrics. I want to write about all that - the pleasure of listening to and remembering music.

I think the way I want to do this is to post the video or the audio of the song, post its lyrics, and write whatever comes to my mind about it.I am going to start with old Tamizh songs, with maybe a few 80's and 90's and 00's thrown in. Let's see how this goes!

*Thanks @Ramakrishnan Rajagopalan


ராமகிருஷ்ணன் ராஜகோபாலன் said...

//Kanne Kalaimane' was the last MSV-Kannadasan song ever written//

Is is not Raja-Kaviyarasar combination?

Manasa said...

So sorry. It is Raja sir.

The reason I thought it was MSV-Kannadasan was a quiz I went to long ago when they asked a question - which two greats came together for the last time for this song, and the answer that was given was MSV-Kannadasan. I wrote this post based on that nugget of information. Guess they were wrong, and so was I!