Still, O breeze!

To pick out the first song, I just went to my music player and hit 'Select Random Song'. And this one popped up - isn't it a fitting start! Suseela amma's songs are special, Kannadasan's songs even more so. And this one is, well, a gem.

Ego is a strange thing. 'I' am so all pervasive and important that I want the world to cater to my whims. Natural, every day occurances mirror the emotions in my heart. When I am happy and it rains, the whole earth is bursting with joy for my joy. But when I am sad, the sky tears up for me. Ego in love is even stranger. Two apparently contradictory emotions - love for the self and love for the beloved, interface and merge and you believe the whole universe is in a conspiracy to be the backdrop for you personal tale of ecstasy and angst.

Kannadasan obviously understands this. Look at the imagery in this song -

பால் போலவே வான் மீதிலே
யார் காணவே நீ காய்கிறாய்

She does not want to look at the moon for whatsoever reason. But is there no one else in her part of the world who would want to? Her heart is broken, and the milky-white miracle of the full moon reminds her of the beauty that is missing from her life. So, she bids the moon to visit her the next day, when, hopefully, she would be in a better frame of mind because of a different turn of events.

As if that's not enough, she then bids the breeze to quieten in a hearteningly soulful voice - P Susheela's!

தென்றலே என் தனிமை கண்டு நின்று போய் விடு.

The song meanders on, as she thinks about what brought her there, that state of agonizing loneliness when her own company and that of the moon's seemed intolerable. He caught her eye, but then something happened. I cannot do justice to this line - is there a better placement of words to describe an attachment, an emotional union?

எண்ணம் என்னும் மேடையில் பொன் மாலை சூடினான்

And then he turned poet and connoiseur, all for her. So why all the agony? Ah, but she cannot say anything. She is mute, and she must also pretend to be deaf. She can only trace his paths, look at the things he must have seen with her eyes and agonize over why her heart was in a turmoil.

...என் கண்கள் இன்று மயக்கம் கொள்வதேன்?

A haunting thought indeed - like a drunk man wondering how many drinks he has had before he passes out. Only, this headiness shall not pass so easily.

PS: I know the video's irritating, at least I find the leading lady (Vanisri)? extremely annoying. i guess it is more a flaw of the acting technique of the 1960's. Besides, the annoyance of the video does not cloud the song for me, which is something! If I remember right PS won the National Award for this song.