Toss the Feathers

'Toss the Feathers' is one piece of amazing music that makes my day, everyday. It's an Irish folk tune and here is the Wiki text:

Toss the Feathers is a traditional Irish folk tune, typically played with a tin whistle and fiddle. It has existed in several variations, each in a different key, the two more common being D and E minor. More recently the music has been adapted in over 200 modern compilations, including both traditional versions by groups such as The Chieftains, and rock renditions such as those by The Corrs on their album "Forgiven Not Forgotten".

Toss the Feathers - The Corrs

Put this song,
close your eyes and
drown yourself in bliss!


sury said...

This is BLISS indeed.

To start with I discern raag durbar.
Do you ?

subbu rathinam.