Sapnon ke dheep - a dream-lamp.

मेरे ख़यालों के आँगन में,
कोई सपनों के, दीप जलाए, दीप जलाए॥

(तेरे लिए है। हाँ, तू)


Matangi Mawley said...

i actually like the music in this song.. it s like.. fresh dew drops.. falling off a leaf.. in each line of the song... salil choudhry is a master! the other song in this movie- jiya laage naa.. i have heard tht in 3 languages.. hindi/bengali(na mono laagena.. beautiful lyrics in bengali..) and tamil (in the movie- azhiyatha kolangal..) n in each language it sounds just the same.. the brilliance in it is so beautiful!

salil choudhry has created numerous works in malayalam! some of his best works.. like chemmeen.. amazing music.. manasa maine veru.. i can still remember my granny humming this song as she works.. :) she loved the song.. n there is a song.. it s kinda "ghost song" bt the tune is amazing.. "e-kaigalil.." from movie e gaman makkumo.. it s seriously as though asking us- ee ganam makkumo? :)

madhumathy.. his master piece- undoubtedly.. aaja re.. it s like an all time song.. haunting..

i can go on forever.. thanks for sharing! :)

PS: i also wanted to mention hrishikesh mukherjee.. bt the space is too small! :)