All nighters...

A night out is typically planned and starts around 9, after dinner. There is always a central 'focus' to a nightout, like completing a couple of heavy duty assignments. However, people also have their own stuff to do (presentation, lab meeting etc) So that's when we make our to-do list.

சங்கீத ஸ்வரங்கள்
ஏழே கணக்கா
இன்னும் இருக்கா
என்னவோ மயக்கம்

Now, it is typically the case that for a few of us, this is not the first all nighter in the week. Therefore, there is always the ever present haze, the 'mayakkam' of sleep deprivation. So when the friend from India pings you and says a cheery 'Good morning!' and then follows it up with 'Oops...I did not realize it would be night for you there,' you smile a quite smile of irony.

என் வீட்டில் இரவு
அங்கே இரவா
இல்லை பகலா
எனக்கும் மயக்கம்

Now begins the phase of active discussion. Typically, if you homework has four problems, there would be one you would solve through the night. Or two, if the Gods decide to smile on you. The others, you break your heads over it, trying to think of that one paper where they did something similar, that one  formula you slept through in Stat class etc. Wikipedia helps, but not much, really. So we go around in circles, talking the same thing over and over till there's a lull in activity. Coffee break.

நெஞ்சில் என்னவோ நெனெச்சேன்
நானும்தான் நெனெச்சேன்
ஞாபகம் வரவும்
யோசிச்சா தெரியும்
யோசனை வரல
போங்க நான் விளங்க
தூக்கம் தான் வரல
பாடுறேன் மெதுவா உறங்கு 

And as dawn is about to break, that email comes through. The one guy who's sitting at home working alone  gets the answer, and he mails it to us, nice chap.

சொர்க்கத்தில் இருந்து
யாரோ எழுதும்
காதல் கடிதம்
இன்று தான் வந்தது

And so, after wrapping up that assignment, I think of this classic all nighter song! :) Both Mammootty and Banupriya look pretty old in this movie; if i remember right, Mammootty even goes to school in that movie. Boy, they should give him more homework :P

But all my kadi aside, it is a beautiful song, tuned by Maragadamani, lyrics by Pulamaipiththan. I love the depiction of old-worldly Madras here, and the Doordarshan theme. I so remember listening to Vande Mataram on DD as a kid the first thing in the morning.


Matangi Mawley said...

It's a good song.. But the video!

I don't like KB much.. He has no subtlety!
In this song- he shuld have left it by either showing the TV or the roads.. he neednt have emphasized his "art" by showing the clock also! it irritates me!

Manasa said...

Agreed with KB and no subtlety. He takes these awesome themes (Sindhu Bhairavi!!) and dishes out melodrama.

But the song's still good! :)

sury said...

Based on Abhogi, it is no surprise that the song lasts for ever.

subbu rathinam