Why I think Raja is God

When it comes to music, I am a believer; I am a polytheist.

This song is by no means Raja's 'best' - if there's a superlative for his oeuvre. But it is trademark Raja in two very significant aspects.The first is Raja's violins - the whole symphony. One of my friends once remarked that if he were but a string in one of Raja's violins he would think that it was heaven enough and I am inclined to agree.

The second is Raja's piano. Two more recent songs I can recall offhand with amazing piano stretches are Nee Paartha Paarvai from Hey Ram and Appadi Paakrathuna from Ivan. This song has such a gentle stretch that accompanies Jayachandran's voice that it is like a little elf is dancing on the keys :)

Jayachandran is one of the most underrated singers of TFM. He is to singing what Alangudi Somu was to lyrics in the 1960s...both of them got overshadowed, PJ by Yesudas and Alangudi Somu by Kannadasan. It raises a very interesting question - is timing all that important for success? For it was not that these men did not have talent; they lived in the times of men with more talent than they.


sury said...

u r absolutely alright, Madam .
To be at the forefront, one need not only to be the best, but also perceived to be the Best among the lot. In any field, for that matter, survival of the fittest has been the slogan. This has come true not only in music but in other fields of human activity also, not only in art but in the fields of pure sciences also.
Instances are galore to quote examples.
I came here via kavinaya's blog where u have commented.
Those who have an ear for music, have equally a heart to listen to the voice of Almighty.
God Bless you and your family.
subbu thatha.

Aravind G said...

Excellent song selection to highlight Raja's talent. On a similar note, another song which captured my mind recently is "thedum kan paarvai". I have heard music directors bring out various moods through their music, but Raja with an interesting combination of violin and percussion instruments, reflects the moods of the character in the movie and that of the audience watching the movie, a mix of curiosity and thriller, through this masterpiece song in a genuine way. Listen to this song again if you haven't heard it in a while (2nd interlude). Composition such as this makes him a gem!!

Raj said...

That was short and sweet!
Have you listened to 'Chinna Pura Ondru' and 'Kanavu Ondru Thondruthe'.Two contrasting compositions but wonderful Piano work.

Jayachandran is a great singer and somewhat underrated.MSV and Raaja used him to his full potential.
You must listen to 'Velli nilavinile' and 'Chiththira Chevvanam' too..

Sreekrishnan said...

By all means .. after listening to a lot of Raja's .. i some how think his "Thendral vandhu Ennai thodum" is the best composition ever.

Amazing orchestration, multiple layers and beautiful feel !

Sreekrishnan said...

Came from your comment in Hawkeye - and loving this blog !

stnomad said...

Lovely post