If a review is something that defines music- I can only think of one word to define the music of “Enthiran” – Rajnikanth.

Music in Shankar movies has an identity. Listening to it- one can guess it has "Shankar" element in it. One could argue that it’s because of Rahman. But “Anniyan” (Harris Jeyraj) had the same element in it. Music in Shankar movies, have all the elements that are essential to make it a phenomenon. A Shankar phenomenon. “Gentle Man”- “Chikku Bukku Rail”. Kadhalan- “Pettai Rap”/ “Muqala Muqabla”. “Indian”- “Telephone Manipol”. “Jeans”- “Athisayam”. “Muthalvan”- “Shakalaka Baby”. “Boys”- “Dating”/”Girl Friend” “Anniyan”- “Kannum Kannum Nokia”. “Sivaji”- “Rathi”/”Oru koodai Sunlight”. These are songs that you can find only in Shankar movies!

“Sivaji- The BOSS”, which many people consider as a Rajni magnum opus had a music that defined the Rajni in it. The Rajni factor in tamil cinema is like water. It flows through anything and everything. The feel of Rajni movies, especially when you watch it on the Day-1, it is that of a believer! You feel as though you are witnessing the crowning of a king. Or perhaps- someone divine has landed on Earth to save the world! I am a very practical person. But once you decide you want to watch a Rajni movie, it is best to leave all logic and practicalities behind! It’s a great feeling, I promise!

When you watch a Rajni movie- you can see only Rajni, all around! There is no one else, but Super Star everywhere! That was how it was. The “Enthiran” songs. A movie written for Rajni. Songs for Rajni. Music for Rajni. And Rahman works wonders when you give him something off-beat. May be that’s why Rahman is first choice, when directors are thinking along the lines of Period Movies like Lagaan, Zubeidaa, Mangal Pandey, Legend of Bhagat Singh, etc. Pity “Marmayogi” is never releasing!

My favourite song in “Enthiran”- ok, songs. “Irumbile” by Rahman and Kash’n’Krissy; “Kilimanjaro”- Javed Ali, Chinmayi; “Kadhal Anukal”- Vijay Prakash and Shreya Ghoshal. All the “Enthiran” songs have very unique lyrics. Shankar has always favoured lyrics that has lines like- “Jurassic Parkkilindru Sugamaana Jodigal, Jazz Music Paadi Varudhu”! Or even- “Azhagiya nilavil OXYGEN nirappi angae unakkoru veedu seyvaen”. “Enthiran” concept is like a jackpot for Shankar! The lyrics- actually made me smile! It is a good thing. For instance- “Irumbile” has a line like “Google-kal kanadha-thedalgal ennodu”!

“Puthiya manitha”- is obviously the introduction song, as it has SPB in it! I liked a little part of the lyrics in it- “
Maatram kondu vaa- Manithanai menmai sei..”. That part sounded like a beautiful prayer to the machines! The techno beats- electro- chorus- TA-DAA! And there lands the “Robot”! But the song also launches Khatija Rahman! Some song to start with! “Kadhal anukkal”- sounds refreshing and unlike a “Robot”, perhaps! Shreya Ghoshal- what a voice! “Irumbile”- Rahman’s voice sounds good. Also- most adapted for this song. Kind of a space-song. A Robot love-song! Kash’n’Krissy- sound fresh, trendy – and an “Attitude” that makes you say- “WOW”! The Rap part sounds great! Tune sounds familiar? I don’t care.. Yes, Rahman! You are a Genius!

The “Aha Aha” part in “Kilimanjaro”- sounds vaguely familiar. Though I cannot remember from where! But sounds good all the same. I had nice times irritating my mom singing the “Aha Ahaa” part during the dead of the night, while she slept! I liked especially the “tribal-like” chorus parts in this song! Chinmayi’s voice is so flexible! And Javed Ali’s is a treat to the ears! “Arima Arima”- it sounded loud to me. Need to watch the movie. I could not judge the song when I listened to it. But I really felt that Sadhna Sargam should improve her Tamil pronunciation! Couldn’t help comparing hers with Shreya Ghoshal’s flawless Tamil pronunciation! The percussion is great in “Chitti Dance Showcase”. In fact, it is a great package of the genius in Rahman, Yogi B’s rap and a classical fusion! There is this other similar kind of experiment of Rahman’s. The track- “Liquid Dance” from “Slumdog Millionaire”. Yogi B’s rap again forms the core of the “Boom Boom Robot” song! Shwetha Mohan’s voice sounds just as sweet as her mother Sujatha’s. The song reminded me of another Shankar song- “Girl friend” from “Boys”! Not that they sound similar! But it kind of has the same essence as “Girl friend”, I suppose!

“Enthiran” music does kindle our interests. It also comes as a sign that Rahman is officially an International composer now! I especially felt this strongly when I listened to the “Irumbile” song! “Eanthiran”- the bottom-line. It has Rahman in it. It has Shankar in it. And most important of all- It has the Super Star in it!! I am keeping my fingers crossed- and awaiting for the movie to get released real soon! Hope I do manage to get hold of the first day tickets! And finally, I should to add- I am really going to miss Sujatha’s dialogues this time!

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